I first touched a website when I was in 6th Grade, in 1996. It was a horrible looking mess of a site about anything that I thought was cool at the time. I made a few more through the rest of elementary and high-school, mainly for friends or clubs I was in. At the time I was planning to become a computer science major in college, and prepared for it with some C++ classes in high-school. Around the same time, I found out I needed to fulfill my school’s art requirement and a friend suggested the graphic design course. The more I learned in the class the more I wanted to do graphic design. I ended up dropping the C++ class, and adding a web design class. By the time I graduated, I had been accepted at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

As with any teenager, I wanted to go to an out of state college and spread my wings a bit. Cincinnati seemed far enough away to be a good choice, and I had heard a few good things about the art scene there. Once in college, I devoured any bit of artistic experience I could get. I took painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography, as well as my graphic design classes. During the summers I interned at various graphic design companies in San Jose, with the exception of the summer of 2005, where I worked as a pizza chef so I could take summer classes.

Once I graduated, I moved back to California and took up a job with a place I had interned at. During my past 3 years here I have become a jack-of-all-trades, working on everything from installing vinyl signs, to CMS enabled websites.

During my free time, I ride my bike, play video games, or go on adventures.